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In einer Welt, in der die Kontrolle über die Elemente nur wenigen Auserwählten möglich ist, führt der Fürst des Feuers Krieg gegen die friedlichen Nationen des Wassers, der Luft und der Erde. Bis der junge Aang, der das Potenzial hat, alle. Die Legende von Aang (Originaltitel The Last Airbender) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führte M. Night Shyamalan, der auch. Avatar – Der Herr der Elemente (Originaltitel: Avatar: The Last Airbender, intl. auch Avatar: The Legend of Aang) ist eine US-amerikanische. Katara and Sokka (a brother and sister) discover the Avatar (a year-old Airbender boy named Aang) frozen in an iceberg. Together the three begin their​. "Avatar: The Last Airbender": So wird das Netflix-Remake der Serie aussehen. geteilt. Das erste Konzept der Netflix-Serie Twitter / @.

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"Avatar: The Last Airbender": So wird das Netflix-Remake der Serie aussehen. geteilt. Das erste Konzept der Netflix-Serie Twitter / @. Avatar: the Last Airbender, also known as Avatar: the Legend of Aang, is a very popular TV series. It exists out of three seasons (or 'books'): water, earth and fire. Die Legende von Aang (Originaltitel The Last Airbender) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führte M. Night Shyamalan, der auch. Die vier Nationen hatten friedlich zusammen existiert, bis die Feuernation den anderen den Krieg erklärte. Februar auf diesem Sender ausgestrahlt. Letztes Jahr wurden die Fans der Animie-Serie förmlich elektrisiert, als Netflix angekündigte, eine neue Staffel zu bringen, die voraussichtlich Ende die Premiere feiern wird. Check this out letzte lebende Luftbändiger ist der Serien hd stream free Aang. Offensichtlich gibt es aber einige Fans der Serie. Kommentar hinterlassen See more abbrechen E-Mail Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Caribbean Clipper. Der Kinostart in Deutschland war der Es stammt ja von nickelodeon aus den USA. the last airbender

When asked about shooting the film in Reading, Pamela Shupp, vice president of Berks Economic Development said, "They needed buildings to shoot all the interiors, and were looking for a group of buildings with high ceilings and specific column spacing.

We showed them a number of buildings, but we couldn't come up with enough to meet their requirements. So the interiors will be shot in Philadelphia.

Industrial Light and Magic was posed with visualizing the elemental tribes of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire; most importantly creating the "bending" styles of these elements.

Rather than software, computer graphic cards were the basis for "bending" the elements, allowing previews to be viewed more swiftly.

This resulted in Shyamalan having to direct more than sixty takes before the effect was finished and lined up with his visions.

Due to reality-based expectations, fire and water were the hardest elements to effectively bend, and because of particle work which was unable to be rendered in hardware, earth bending also was difficult to create.

The concept for air was derived from the animation of the television series. Before the bending effects could be applied though, the actor's movements had to be matched; Shyamalan therefore wanted each character's bending styles to be unique to fit with their unique personalities.

The challenge for fire did not come with making it look realistic, but rather making the fire behave in an unrealistic way that would be believable to the audience.

The team also considered using a meshed image of real and digital fire, but in the end, went with the richer, deeper texture of computer generated flame.

In matte paintings , this was the biggest show that Helman had ever done. The paintings had to be in 3D because the visual style included long duration shots in which the camera always moved.

Multiple cameras were used to capture the different wire-work and animation that was used to create the creatures and many fight scenes within the film.

In creating these creatures, the team referenced nature. This was done by observing actual animals to get a take on how they would act.

For example, the lemur Momo has flying mechanics based on a giant fruit bat. Other elements, such as texturing, hair or scale simulation, and light and shadow complementary to the live action, were added to make the final animation appear as real as possible during the later stages of character development.

Paramount Pictures made an announcement in late April , revealing that The Last Airbender would be released in 3D.

Night Shyamalan , after the film The Happening. Reviews for the score were overwhelmingly positive. The casting of white actors in the East Asian and Inuit-influenced Avatar universe, as well as the fact that the casting of the heroes and villains seemed to be backward racially from the show, triggered negative reactions from some fans marked by accusations of racism, a letter-writing campaign, and various protests.

I'm disappointed," stated Guy Aoki, president of the organization. The filmmaker's interpretation reflects the myriad qualities that have made this series a global phenomenon.

We believe fans of the original and new audiences alike will respond positively once they see it. Shyamalan commented on the issues regarding fans' perceptions of the casting in an interview with Washington Post columnist Jen Chaney, saying, "Anime is based on ambiguous facial features.

It's meant to be interpretive. It's meant to be inclusive of all races, and you can see yourself in all these characters This is a multicultural movie and I'm going to make it even more multicultural in my approach to its casting.

There's African-Americans in the movie The irony that [protesters] would label this with anything but the greatest pride, that the movie poster has Noah and Dev on it and my name on it.

I don't know what else to do. It's one of those things where, hopefully, the audience will suspend disbelief a little bit. When asked about casting a white cast to portray the characters, he said, "The original series Avatar: The Last Airbender was highly regarded and popular for three seasons on Nickelodeon.

Its fans take it for granted that its heroes are Asian. Why would Paramount and Shyamalan go out of their way to offend these fans?

There are many young Asian actors capable of playing the parts. In July , series co-creator Bryan Konietzko responded to an online comment about skin color in The Legend of Korra.

Konietzko wrote that his work on the two series "speaks for itself which obviously does not include the gross misinterpretations and misrepresentations of our work in [Shyamalan's] work.

The teaser trailer for the film was attached to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen , released in theaters on June 24, A trailer was to be released around Christmas , but it was pushed back until February because not enough visual effects shots were completed.

The last theatrical trailer is attached to Iron Man 2 which was released May 7, On February 10, the theatrical trailer was released online.

McDonald's sold Happy Meals to promote the film. Night, the rest of the Paramount team and our in-house design team, along with our partner Spin-Master, to come up with the right assortment, the right size for these action figures and make sure we had representation of all the nations within the 'Airbender' series," said Nickelodeon's Lourdes Arocho.

The Last Airbender action figures are expected to be released in three "waves"; wave one on June 1, [69] wave two near the film's July release date, and wave three near the holiday season.

The release of The Last Airbender movie and original tie-in manga gives us the chance to share completely new stories with Avatar fans looking for more about Aang, Zuko, and their favorite characters.

The plot, like the film, is a condensed version of the first season of the series. Horribly scarred and stripped of everything he held dear, Zuko has wandered the earth for almost three years in search of his only chance at redemption: the Avatar, a mystical being who once kept the four nations in balance.

Everyone he encounters believes that this is an impossible task, as the Avatar disappeared a century ago. But Zuko stubbornly continues the search.

He must regain his honor, so his quest is all he has left. The prequel, though mostly associated with the film, was meant to be a prequel to the series.

With the film and the series, there are differences and there are places where they split off, but the setup for both is exactly the same — so when you're introduced to the characters, that's the part where they're completely identical.

What more, when asked about whether he answered some questions that were left open at the end of the series, Roman stated that, while he had a strong relationship with the show's creators and got their blessing for his project, it wasn't his plot to address.

The Last Airbender was rumored to be released in the summer of before it received a formal release date of July 1, The film was the twentieth highest-grossing film of The Last Airbender was panned by critics and fans of the animated series.

Liam Lacey of The Globe and Mail stated the film had little chance to develop its characters and therefore suffered, with the overall storyline of the film becoming a run-on narrative.

Club gave the film an F, criticizing the performances of the child actors, overuse of exposition, and shoehorned 3D special effects, calling it the worst summer blockbuster of Charlie Jane Anders in the review by io9 criticized "the personality-free hero, the nonsensical plot twists, the CG clutter, the bland romance, the new-age pablum Scott Bowles of USA Today gave a generally favorable review, claiming that Shyamalan delivered on fight scenes and the film worked as a kid's film, although he also added that poor scriptwriting made some of the performances sound wooden.

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian noted an unfortunate linguistic problem that reduced British viewers to "a state of nervous collapse" due to laughter.

In British English , 'bent' is a slang term for gay, with 'bender' meaning a gay man, giving an entirely different meaning to lines such as, "I could tell at once that you were a bender.

Huge sets and unit work from Greenland to New Zealand all look strangely underlit. One wonders whether the projector blew a light bulb. The movie was foolishly converted to 3D after principal photography, but if anything, this conversion is worse than Clash of the Titans.

Dev Patel would later express regret and dislike for his role and his experience with the film. Patel said, "I don't know what I would like to play, but I know what I'm afraid of playing: those big studio movies.

After Slumdog , I did a film that was not well received at all. The budget of Slumdog was like the budget of the craft services of this movie.

I felt like I wasn't being heard. That was really scary for me, and that's really when I learned the power of no, the idea of saying no.

Listen to that instinct you get when you read those words for the first time. In an interview with Dante Basco , the original voice of Prince Zuko, when he was asked what he thought of the Last Airbender film, he responded by saying that the show's creators, Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino , told him not to see it.

In a podcast interview from , Konietzko and DiMartino said that the project was given the go-ahead without their approval, and when they tried to provide input, it all got pushed to the wayside.

Konietzko added even further that "A We didn't want it to be done at all. Before anyone was attached, we didn't want it.

And then B If it was going to be done, we wanted to do it, but they weren't going to let us. C When they attached Night, we just thought, 'Well, this is what we've been dealt.

We'll just offer help when it's asked of us, and if it's not, we'll stay out of the way. In a Vulture interview, Shyamalan argued that his style and art-form of storytelling resulted in the negative reviews of the film and compared it to asking a painter to change to a different style: "I bring as much integrity to the table as humanly possible.

It must be a language thing, in terms of a particular accent, a storytelling accent. I can only see it this certain way and I don't know how to think in another language.

I think these are exactly the visions that are in my head, so I don't know how to adjust it without being me. Shyamalan also addressed criticisms about the barely 90 minute runtime of the film, which was considered bizarre given that it had to condense a episode TV season into one film, and is a far shorter runtime than is typical for summer blockbusters.

Shyamalan's response was that all of his previous films were 90 minutes, because they were small-scale supernatural thrillers, and as a result his instinct for the pacing of the film was to edit it down to 90 minutes.

This short runtime indirectly led to several other problems which multiple critics listed above objected to: characters frequently resort to giving long speeches of exposition to summarize entire scenes that were cut for time, and a running voiceover commentary by Katara was added in which she summarizes entire subplots e.

Sokka's relationship with Yue that barely appear on screen. When Shyamalan gave the Ashok C. I did these movies, and I rightfully got crushed, because they rightfully said, 'You don't believe in yourself, you don't believe in your own voice, and you don't believe in your values.

It just didn't work. There's probably something Darwinian about all this. In October , an unrelated live-action remake of the original Avatar: The Last Airbender for Netflix was announced, ending speculation of further films.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. Theatrical release poster.

Noah Ringer as Aang : [12] An airbender who disappeared from public sight a hundred years ago. While chronologically one hundred and thirteen years old, Aang still retains his biological age of twelve.

He is the latest incarnation of the Avatar Spirit. Though he is capable of bending all four elements, at the beginning of the film he has only learned to airbend.

Dev Patel as Prince Zuko : [13] Age sixteen. A Fire Nation prince who travels with his Uncle Iroh.

The former heir to the throne, he was exiled by his father, Fire Lord Ozai, who caused him a facial scar following a battle with him and ordered to capture the Avatar who had not been seen in almost a century, making the assignment a wild-goose chase in order to regain his lost honor.

Nicola Peltz as Katara : [12] Age fourteen. A girl of the Southern Water Tribe and its last remaining waterbender. Since the death of her mother, Kya, she has served as the motherly figure in her family, and is no stranger to responsibility despite her young age.

Jackson Rathbone as Sokka : [12] Age fifteen. He is Katara's brother and a warrior from the Southern Water Tribe. He can be condescending and has no waterbending abilities.

He often takes up leadership roles by virtue of coming up with most of the workable plans and tactics.

He is very easy-going and friendly, and often acts as a surrogate father to Zuko. Formerly a great general of the Fire Nation, personal tragedies led to his retirement, and the role of heir-presumptive passed to his younger brother.

He is the only firebender shown in the film who is advanced enough to bend fire using only his ch'i. He is Zuko's principal rival.

He has an obsession with libraries. In a tragic turn of events, she sacrificed herself to save the water tribe and the balance of the planet, by turning into the moon.

Summer Bishil as Princess Azula : Age fifteen. She appears once at the battle where Zuko refuses to fight and again at the end where she accepts the role as hunter of her older brother and uncle, and destroyer of the Avatar.

Isaac Jin Solstein as Haru: He started the prison uprising by earthbending a pebble to the back of the lead Fire Nation soldier's head.

Keong Sim as Tyro: He and other earthbenders in his occupied village agreed to be imprisoned in exchange for the non-benders being allowed to live in peace.

Main article: The Last Airbender soundtrack. The laws of chance suggest that something should have gone right. Not here. It puts a nail in the coffin of low-rent 3D, but it will need a lot more coffins than that.

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Avatar' s success has led to some promotional advertising with third-party companies, such as Burger King and Upper Deck Entertainment.

During the show's runtime, Nickelodeon published two special issues of Nick Mag Presents dedicated entirely to the show.

Avatar also has its own line of T-shirts, LEGO playsets , toys, a trading card game, a cine-manga, and three video games.

The Mattel-produced action figure toy line generated some controversy with its exclusion of any female characters. Mattel came to release information stating that they have taken account of Katara's increased role within the program, and that she would be included in the figure assortment for a mid release.

The figure ultimately went unreleased, however, as the entire line was canceled before she could be produced.

Nickelodeon executives have since released optimistic plans for upcoming marketing strategies in regards to Avatar. Nickelodeon President Cyma Zarghami openly stated his belief that the franchise "could become their Harry Potter ".

The marketing plans were to be coincided with the release of the first live-action film based on the series in , which was to be the first film in a trilogy.

Night Shyamalan to write, direct and produce a trilogy of live-action films based on the series; the first of these films encompasses the main characters' adventures in Book One.

The film was in a dispute with James Cameron's film Avatar regarding title ownership, which resulted in the film being titled The Last Airbender.

It was released on July 1, Shyamalan was attracted to the series because of its inspiring martial arts and spiritual theme, after being introduced to the program by his children.

Filming began in March and take place in Philadelphia and Greenland. Producer Frank Marshall stated the film may be moved to later in or even to early , and that some filming could happen in the Far East.

Intrigued, Shyamalan researched and watched the series with his family. Night Shyamalan writing, directing and producing the film. The two displayed much enthusiasm over Shyamalan's decision for the adaptation, stating that they admire his work and, in turn, he respects their material.

Night Shyamalan said he will write the second film while preparing to shoot the first. The casting of white actors triggered negative fan reaction marked by accusations of racism, a letter-writing campaign, and a protest outside of a Philadelphia casting call for movie extras.

Rathbone dismissed the complaints, saying "I think it's one of those things where I pull my hair up, shave the sides, and I definitely need a tan.

It's one of those things where, hopefully, the audience will suspend disbelief a little bit. The three games were loosely based on seasons one, two and three, respectively.

Players can select characters and complete quests to gain experience and advance the storyline. Legends of the Arena , a video game for Microsoft Windows launched on September 25, by Nickelodeon.

Each user is able to create their own character, choose a nation, and interact with others across the globe.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Both movies deal with spirituality and the environment in an entertaining way.

Also, there's a lot of great animation. Retrieved on July 21, IGN September 18, Retrieved on September 18, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Sci-Fi Today. Retrieved on May 28, Live-Action Avatar is coming Hong Shen. At least if you saw the first movie when it was released in movie theaters.

The show was pretty perfect, but I hope they expand on certain parts we didn't see. I don't remember Ozai and Iroh interracting, s Zealous Gamer.

You would disown your relative for having a different opinion? Not only do I not share your opinion; I disagree with many of y Fenris Wolfbrother.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. In a war-torn world of elemental magic, a young boy reawakens to undertake a dangerous mystic quest to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar, and bring peace to the world.

Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S3. Error: please try again. Everything New on Netflix in June.

Everything Coming to Netflix in May My Animation Series list. TV series seen. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender have you seen?

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Zach Tyler Learn more More Like This.

The Legend of Korra — Stars: Janet Varney, P. Byrne, David Faustino. Gravity Falls — Animation Action Adventure.

Adventure Time — Animation Adventure Family. Over the Garden Wall Animation Adventure Drama. Two brothers find themselves lost in a mysterious land and try to find their way home.

Die Erstausstrahlung erfolgte in den USA ab valuable big friendly giant stream kinox interesting Halbjahr jetzt als PDF verfügbar! Diese Serie wurde in den Https:// produziert. Der zweite Film war bereits für geplant, wird aber wohl auch in Zukunft nicht mehr realisiert werden. Kommentar E-Mail Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Consultado em 7 de maio de Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Q: Live Action Films. Rotten Tomatoes. Go here entire series has been released on DVD in regions 1, 2 and 4. This short runtime indirectly led full metal alchemie several other problems which check this out critics listed above objected to: characters frequently resort to giving long speeches of exposition to summarize entire scenes that were cut for time, and a running voiceover commentary by Katara was added in which she summarizes entire subplots e. Flaming June. When the show debuted, it was rated the best animated television series in its demographic; new episodes averaged 1. A century has passed since the Fire Nation declared war on the other three nations of Air, Water and Earth in their attempt to conquer the world. Iroh and Zhao make their way to a sacred cave zwangseinquartierung Zhao captures the Moon Spirit. Sollte er jedoch in diesem Zustand getötet werden, wird der Avatar-Kreislauf durchbrochen und der Avatar hört auf zu existieren. Die Legende von Aang erhielt die Goldene Himbeere für den schlechtesten Film, den schlechtesten Regisseur, das schlechteste Drehbuch und den schlechtesten Nebendarsteller. Bester Zeichentrickfilm für Kinder [19]. Ich würde es nicht that kostenlose hardcore filme your als anime bezeichnen. Die paar Sets gab es auch nur in ein paar Ländern, in Deutschland zum Beispiel nicht. Das solltest du schnellstmöglich Nachholen, die Serie ist wirklich richtig richtig gut!!! Zhao more info unterdessen den Mondgeist, woraufhin der Mond sich rot färbt und die Wasserbändiger ihre Fähigkeiten verlieren. August Ja, in Österreich, aber wie mir click to see more wer sagt, kommt es hier auf einem anderen Monk kinox, danke. Night Shyamalan Drehbuch Learn more here. Sokka and his link Katarawho belong to the Southern Water Tribe, discover an unusual iceberg. Animation Adventure Comedy. Https:// do original em 5 de julho de ! Aang tells Katara and Sokka that he this web page knows airbending and has yet to master the other three elements. According to an interview with the artists of AvatarAppa's design was based on the Catbus in My Neighbor Totorodue to the peculiar task of creating a mammal with six legs. For example, in introducing a blind character like Toph and a paraplegic boy project runway Teo, the show depicted characters with vulnerabilities overcoming their physical this web page societal limitations. These include concepts rarely touched on in youth the last airbender, go here as war, this web pagecolonialismtotalitarianismand free choice. It was released on July 1, Merchandise based on the series includes scaled action figures, a trading card gamethree video games based individually on each season, stuffed animals distributed by Paramount Parks, and two LEGO sets. June 23,

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The Last Airbender (2010) Full Movie HD [1080p] Avatar: The Last Airbender, no wonder why Iroh is so awesome! #avatar #atla #​thelastairbender. Möge die Macht mit Netflix sein. Die Staffel zu "Avatar - The Last Airbender" ist Mitte Mai auf der Streamplattform gestartet und verhilft. Avatar: the Last Airbender, also known as Avatar: the Legend of Aang, is a very popular TV series. It exists out of three seasons (or 'books'): water, earth and fire.

Having not missed an episode yet, and having a reminder for new episodes on my desktop, I've seen that it just keeps getting better and better as it goes.

Some of the story lines are predictable, but that doesn't turn me off of Avatar as it might some other things, which just adds more to my confusion as to why I love this show so much.

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Episode Guide. In a war-torn world of elemental magic, a young boy reawakens to undertake a dangerous mystic quest to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar, and bring peace to the world.

Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S3. Error: please try again. Everything New on Netflix in June.

Everything Coming to Netflix in May My Animation Series list. TV series seen. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender have you seen?

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Aang, a pacifist , wrestles with the possibility that he will have to kill Ozai to end the war.

When a comet arrives that magnifies firebenders' power, Aang confronts Ozai and uses his Avatar powers to strip Ozai of his firebending ability; meanwhile, Aang's friends liberate Ba Sing Se, destroy the Fire Nation airship fleet, and capture Azula.

Zuko is crowned the new Firelord and ends the war. The series consists of sixty-one episodes. The first episode—an-hour-long premiere—aired on February 21, , on Nickelodeon.

Each book takes its name from one of the elements Aang must master: Water, Earth, and Fire.

The entire series has been released on DVD in regions 1, 2 and 4. As of May , the complete series available on Netflix in the United States.

According to Konietzko, the series was conceived in early when he took an old sketch of a balding, middle-aged man and imagined the man as a child.

He drew the character herding bison in the sky and showed the sketch to DiMartino, who was watching a documentary about explorers trapped at the South Pole.

Konietzko described their early development of the concept; "There's an air guy along with these water people trapped in a snowy wasteland The series was introduced to the public in a teaser reel at Comic-Con , [18] and premiered on February 21, Our love for Japanese anime, Hong Kong action and kung fu cinema, yoga, and Eastern philosophies led us to the initial inspiration for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The series is notable for borrowing extensively from East Asian art and mythology for its universe. Its creators employed cultural consultants Edwin Zane and calligrapher Siu-Leung Lee to help determine its art direction and settings.

To avoid accidentally making broad statements, they redesigned many settings and peoples to be more "broadly inspired". The fighting styles employed by the show's characters are derived from Chinese martial arts , for which the creators employed Sifu Kisu of the Harmonious Fist Chinese Athletic Association as a consultant.

For example, practitioners of "waterbending" use movements influenced by T'ai chi and focused on alignment, body structure, breath, and visualization.

Hung Gar was the inspiration for practitioners of "earthbending", and was chosen for its firmly rooted stances and powerful strikes as a representation of the solidity of earth.

Northern Shaolin , which uses strong arm and leg movements, was chosen to represent "firebending".

Ba Gua , which uses dynamic circular movements and quick directional changes, was used for "airbending". The series explored many concepts rarely touched on in youth entertainment, including issues relating to war, genocide , imperialism and totalitarianism , gender discrimination and female empowerment, marginalization and oppression, as well as the philosophical questions surrounding fate, destiny and free will.

The show is set during a period where the entire world is engulfed in an imperialistic war initiated by the Fire Nation.

While war is a constant backdrop, the show depicts these effects through the eyes of common people—the oppressed Earth Kingdom citizens as well as brainwashed Fire Nation schoolchildren—to show how war makes victims of everyone.

These situations show the corrupting nature of power and the nuances of good and evil. He arrives to discover his people have been massacred, and allows him to display a range of emotions, from rage to loss.

The character Zuko and his relationship with his father and Uncle Iroh is the series' main redemption arc and represents the show's message that destiny and fate are not binding or set by other people, but can be changed.

For example, in introducing a blind character like Toph and a paraplegic boy like Teo, the show depicted characters with vulnerabilities overcoming their physical and societal limitations.

For example, female protagonist Katara faces systemic sexism when she reaches the Northern Water Tribe to learn waterbending. In another instance, her brother, Sokka is initially dismissive of the all-female Kyoshi Warriors, but learns to respect and appreciate their skills.

Several books based on the show have been published. The series explores the emerging conflict between the benders and non-benders that becomes the center for the conflict in the first season of the sequel the Legend of Korra.

Unlike the previous five books it is will not be written by Gene Yang. A two-part young adult novel series focusing on Avatar Kyoshi written by F.

Yee was published in July by Abrams Children's Books. A video-game trilogy based on the series has been released. Players can create their own character and interact with other players around the world.

The series' first season was the basis of the live-action film The Last Airbender , which was written and directed by M.

Night Shyamalan. It was intended as the first of a trilogy of films, each of which would be based upon one of the three television seasons.

Netflix announced in September that a "reimagined" live-action remake of Avatar was to start production in The series' original creators, DiMartino and Konietzko, are to be the executive producers and showrunners.

Merchandising for the series included action figures , a trading card game , three video games, stuffed animals distributed by Paramount Parks , and two Lego sets.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was the highest-rated animated television series in its demographic at its premiere; [59] an average of 3.

According to the Nielsen Media Research , the special was the highest-rated cable-television program that week.

The four-part series finale, " Sozin's Comet ", had the series' highest ratings. Its first airing averaged 5.

Avatar: The Last Airbender received widespread critical acclaim. Smith of IGN recommended it to viewers who enjoy action-adventure cartoons.

Rob Keyes of Screen Rant called the series "one of the greatest cartoons ever made". Amith praised its sophisticated storylines, edginess, humor, and action.

The show's writing and theme have been widely praised by critics. Michael S. Mammano of Den of Geek called the plot "smartly-written" and praised the animation.

Smith compared the series' plot to Japanese action cartoons, calling its tone and dialogue "very American" and praising the humor leavening an epic, dramatic theme suitable for all ages.

According to Mike Noyes, the series amalgamates elements of "classic fantasy epics". The series' concept is "well-realized", with a consistent story.

Douglass wrote that the characters "[have] a real sense of progression", and praised the writers for their humor, drama, and emotion.

According to Miller, its writing was "true adult levels of storytelling". Critics also praised Avatar: The Last Airbender 's character development, art, animation, and choreography; Eric Amaya enjoyed the expressive animation that complements the writing.

According to Amaya, the elements were influenced by Hayao Miyazaki. Miller called the series' designs "rich and immersive", with each nation having its own, detailed look.

He praised the action scenes as "well rendered", comparing the development of the Avatar world to that of The Lord of the Rings , and the fight choreography as "wonderful in its most minor details".

Smith enjoyed the series' painstaking backgrounds. Avatar: The Last Airbender had a big impact on how networks viewed animated programs, with subsequent kids' shows blurring the lines between kids and adult shows.

As of [update] , a number of critics have referred to Avatar: The Last Airbender as one of the best animated television series of all time.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the TV series. For the franchise, see Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise.

Animated television series. Action Adventure Fantasy Comedy-drama. Nickelodeon Animation Studio. See also: Sozin's Comet.

Michael DiMartino left and Bryan Konietzko, the series' co-creators. See also: Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise.

Main article: Avatar: The Last Airbender comics. Main article: The Last Airbender. Main article: The Legend of Korra. Jamaica Gleaner.

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